I’m a American artist with a passion for all things aesthetics; however, my forte is character design and character illustration projects.

I studied at Pennsylvania State University, where I graduated with a B.S. in Information Science. However, my free time was spent studying illustration independently, which is where my passion and talent were strongest. Since then, I've worked remotely from my home studio. I’m also a growing presence as a content creator on Twitter, where I've gained 20k+ followers in under a year. I also have an art-help YouTube channel which is growing day by day.

When it comes to design, I genuinely love the process. Breaking down a problem or distilling a theme and building up a character to fit a niche or tell a story is a challenge that I find fun. With my work I hope to materialize compelling and beautiful characters from every day objects, animals, cultures, or directly from the imaginations of my clients.

That being said, talk is cheap. My portfolio is the best way to see exactly what I'm best at doing, and I would prefer to let my work speak for itself. Feel free to take a look.