Character Design


'PSI-tan', 'Delta', 'Irene...'

PSI-hime, if it wasn't obvious from the name, is simply a distillation of my brand and my own personal taste. She is a college age psychic warrior whose primary occupation is being a model for the ficticious PSIART visual group. Her magic, like my alias, is inspired by the Mother franchise and other media with analogous themes. She comes from a near-future universe that focused on a sci-fi aesthetic with fantasy elements.


Bri, short form of Brita, is an anthropomorphized water pitcher, referencing a certain German company with a similar name. What started as a joke: "make a water filter waifu..." ended up being my first experience in being fascinated with solving design problems. From studying the internal workings of water purification filters, to doing a deep dive into silhouette and shape language, to the typical materials they are built from which inspired her outfit, Bri was my first attempt at prompted design.

Mobile Game CG

I play lots of mobile games. Not very well, mind you (since I'm busy drawing). Regardless, characters from games such as Arknights, Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane are what inspired me to become interested in designing characters and creating art for games. While I've just started my journey in this area, here are some recent drafts.