Helping Angels

My PsiArt Session: Cooperation in the Universe
by Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD
Founder and Research Director, Mossbridge Institute, LLC
Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University

IntentionArt_JM15T-3631I heard about through the Windbridge Institute, and I knew as soon as I heard about it that this was for me.

First, I loved the example images they showed — they revealed beautiful shapes, colors, and a seemingly unique variety of interacting forms in each image. Second, at the time I heard about PsiArt, I had a major intention that I was working toward, a multi-year project that required cooperation between myself and some angel investors, and I needed some inspiration. Finally, as a scientist in a related field, I knew the research on nonlocal mind and interactions across time and space that don’t seem possible, yet actually exist. So there was no need to prove the concept, at least to me.

During my session, I meditated and wrote. I tried to entirely focus on my project and the outcomes I desired. This in itself was a great experience — I don’t think I would have had this level of focus if I hadn’t had the opportunity of a PsiArt session.

When I was done, I had an intentional “map” of the project and also received a beautiful image which I had printed on metal.

To me, I saw the head of an angel, with orange and red wings of fire behind it. What a huge relief when I saw that! I am aware that anyone can see whatever they like in these images, but for me this felt like a personal validation of my project. It’s been almost a year now, and I’ve made a lot of progress — almost as if angels have been helping me.

I find this piece an inspiration every day. It feels to me like an externalization of my own internal desires with participation by the universe. What a gift!

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