Ascension Energy

My Journal of Walking between Worlds
by Daria Justyn, Windbridge Certified Research Medium

Intentiont_DJ_10-07-14-3000“Visualize your intention through art” was to me was an amazing experience and through the session I had, it has shown that intention is energetic, knows no limitations, and is not bound by time. Intentions are powerful, and although, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when I saw the results of my Intention Session, it all made perfect sense.

For this image, my intention was “Ascension Energy.” Yes, not typical, I know, but then again, why not push the boundaries? To anyone looking at it, the pyramid shapes are quite evident. But there is so much more.

I sat in meditation during the session and had a beautiful experience. Rather than hold that singular intention, I found that in my meditative state that my intention began to evolve. This happened visually, through feelings and also in what I was hearing. I felt like I was stepping into ascension energy, could see it spiraling down and was feeling a part of it as my intention flowed to “Infuse the Earth with the love and light of ascension energy.” And then, in the center of my vision, I saw the Divine Mother appear as a blue energy, standing in front a pointed star. I felt her envelop the Earth with the love and balance of the Divine feminine.

It was then I heard, very clearly, the words, “Heal the Earth” so I set my intention to that. I heard, “I am an anchor of love and light.” And then I saw a golden grid or matrix lit around the Earth, saw white light streaming onto the planet, and saw the Blessed Mother radiating love as ascension energy. I felt a direct current of love, flowing from my heart into the heart of planet Earth. It was quite an interactive experience. I then saw the beautiful, colorful rainbow bridge, the Earth’s planetary chakras connecting this Earth to the New Earth, one I have seen many times in meditation. We are helping to construct this bridge with the energy of love and light of ascension energy. From this vantage point, again, above the Earth, I could see the New Earth in a separate dimension. I thought how lovely the rainbow chakra colors of the New Earth were, and thought, “It is important to not just focus on the lighter, colors, but to bring in the orange and red of the lower chakras to ground in this new energy.”

When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, the exact time for the session had ended, so I stopped. All in all, it was a beautiful experience. When I received my Intention PsiForm, it was all there for me. Much of what I was seeing looked like pyramids, which represent sacred geometry, the energy generators that are being discovered all over the planet, building blocks for creation and matter. In the center of the image was a splash of blue, just where I had seen the blue of the Divine Mother, and two points of the star that I had visualized behind her.

Overall, the rainbow colors were all there, representing the rainbow bridge, seen from a vantage point of above, and towards the bottom, was a small solid circle that looked just like the New Earth being formed, just as I had seen it. But what was really fascinating was how my intention to specifically bring in the chakra colors of orange and red are clearly represented in that large shape towards the bottom.

It was really fascinating how my intention was clearly represented in the PsiForm. It has profound meaning for me and confirmed my intention had been heard.

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