by Julie Beischel, PhD
Director of Research and co-founder, Windbridge Institute

Ab2_IntentionArt_15T-2495 - 24x30During the Intention Session that created this PsiForm, Mark and I concentrated on the idea of Abundance.

I thought about the limitless resources of the universe.

I thought about the abundance of personal resources like kindness, compassion, and smiles.

I thought about having everything I need and knowing that what I have is enough.

When I saw the PsiForm image, I was very struck by the two obvious light circles in the center of the image surrounded by the darker colors all around them. I thought it was interesting how the smaller sphere toward the bottom seems to be expanding or growing into the larger sphere; that is, how the central shape in the image seems to be becoming more abundant, a metaphor requiring very little interpretation.

Every time I look at this image (or any PsiForm, really), I always see something new. I enjoy exploring the endless aspects, the countless elements and how they say something different at each encounter.

This PsiForm is a good reminder to continue to recognize the abundance already in my life.

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