How does this work?

Commissions are as easy as 1-2-3!

Please Note:
We are not taking requests for new commissions at this time

1. Contact Mark to schedule your online session. Let him know what kind of session you would like (Afterlife Connection or Intention).

2. At your scheduled time, focus on your deceased loved one or intention. This can be done from wherever you are!

3. Data are then gathered during your session and transformed into a custom piece of artwork as a keepsake of your experience.

After your online session is complete, we will email a Certificate of Authenticity (as a PDF file) with information about how and when the image was created and then ship you a 12″x 9.62″ enlargement of your image printed on a mounted sheet of aluminum that is ready for hanging. We can also provide other framing and size options (up to 30″ x 24″) at an additional cost.

This is custom artwork created specifically for you. If you are unhappy with the resulting PsiForm image, let us know within 30 days of receiving it from us, and we’ll refund the cost of your session in full.

Also, be sure to check out our Blog for more information.


What exactly am I paying for?

With your payment, you will receive one custom created and mounted PsiForm image (you may choose an Afterlife Connection image or an Intention image) and a Certificate of Authenticity.

What’s the difference between an Intention Session and an Afterlife Connection Session?

During an Intention session, you will focus on a specific intention, idea, or thought. During an Afterlife Connection session, you will focus on receiving messages or signs from your deceased loved one. Different equipment is used to collect the data for the different sessions and if you look carefully at the PsiForms in the Gallery, you will see that while there are similarities, the images produced by the two sessions are actually very different.

What will my custom PsiForm image look like?

The final image will be unique, but since these images are created from the same kinds of data, your custom image will have many of the qualities of the sample images in the PsiForms Gallery. You can expect your image to have similar colors, shapes, etc. If you do not find the images in the sample gallery aesthetically pleasing then you should not order a custom image for there is a good chance you will not like the way it turns out. Also keep in mind that the colors may vary. Images look different on different monitors and printers, so we cannot guarantee any specific colors.

Is this Art or Science?

It’s art inspired by science. We use data collected from different sensors which are active during the session. These data are then put though specialized, custom software to create the images. While the data helps inform the image, the image should not be used to draw any specific scientific meaning from or conclusions about the data. To do that we would run statistical tests on the data; this would produce scientifically meaningful results but would be far less artistic and colorful.

Is my deceased loved one really making the Afterlife Connection PsiForm image?

There is no way that anyone can confirm or deny that the deceased are taking an active role in the creation of these images. What we can say is that the images are generated by data which are collected in our lab at the time you invited your deceased loved one to participate in the session.

What can I learn about my deceased loved one or the afterlife from my Afterlife Connection image?

Since these images are meant to be artistic and not scientific, we strongly urge you not to draw any conclusions from your image. We simply hope that you will find your custom PsiForm pleasant to look at and that it can help serve as a reminder of your continued connection to those who have passed.

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