Custom Intention Art


Visualize your intention through art!


Now you can create your own customized piece of art to represent your own intentions. Right from the comfort of your own home. You just need an intention you want to focus on.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Just schedule a 10-minute online session with the Windbridge Institute. This will reserve your time with the specialized equipment in the Windbridge Institute lab.

2. At your scheduled time, focus on your intention. This can be done from wherever you are!

3. The Windbridge Institute equipment gathers data during your session and transforms these into a custom piece of artwork perfect for your personal inspiration, meditation, or decoration. So far, people have focused on intentions including hope, gratitude, and abundance.

After your online session is complete, we will email a Certificate of Authenticity (as a PDF file) with information about how and when the image was created and then ship you a 12″x 9.62″ enlargement of your image printed on a mounted sheet of aluminum that is ready for hanging. We can also provide other framing and size options (up to 30″ x 24″) at an additional cost.

These custom pieces are also perfect as one-of-a-kind gifts that capture your good wishes for someone on a special occasion.

Your Intention PsiForm session includes:

1 Intention session. Data is collected remotely; you do not come to our lab.

1 Custom Intention PsiForm image.

1 Certificate of Authenticity delivered via email (PDF document) with information about the image and the data collection session.

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