Closure by MM, Arizona My session was peaceful and soothing. When I saw my PsiForm I was blown away and, honestly, in awe. I immediately teared up. My PsiForm gave me closure and let me know that my friend has found peace. I couldn’t be any happier with my experience!

Signs of Yellow

Signs of Yellow by JG, Massachusetts The artwork is lovely, and it was fun to see what would happen. I had asked loved ones passed to tell me what color would be their sign to me. My Aunt shouted out, “Yellow! I am going to give you yellow as a …

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Abundance by Julie Beischel, PhD Director of Research and co-founder, Windbridge Institute During the Intention Session that created this PsiForm, Mark and I concentrated on the idea of Abundance. I thought about the limitless resources of the universe. I thought about the abundance of personal resources like kindness, compassion, and …

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Helping Angels

My PsiArt Session: Cooperation in the Universe by Julia Mossbridge, MA, PhD Founder and Research Director, Mossbridge Institute, LLC Visiting Scholar, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University I heard about through the Windbridge Institute, and I knew as soon as I heard about it that this was for me. First, …

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Ascension Energy

My Journal of Walking between Worlds by Daria Justyn, Windbridge Certified Research Medium “Visualize your intention through art” was to me was an amazing experience and through the session I had, it has shown that intention is energetic, knows no limitations, and is not bound by time. Intentions are powerful, …

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Afterlife Connection: Session Instructions

Mark offers some simple instructions  for your Afterlife Connection session… At any time prior to the session, request that your deceased loved one visits our lab and participates during your scheduled session. This can be done verbally (speaking aloud) or by simply thinking about it (like a wish). If you don’t know what …

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