“I find this piece an inspiration every day. It feels to me like an externalization of my own internal desires with participation by the universe. What a gift!” --JM, Illinois

“My intention was clearly represented in the PsiForm. It has profound meaning for me and confirmed my intention had been heard.” --DJ, South Carolina

“Every time I look at this image, I always see something new. I enjoy exploring the endless aspects, the countless elements and how they say something different at each encounter.” --JB, Arizona

“I had asked loved ones passed to tell me what color would be their sign to me. My Aunt shouted out, ‘Yellow! I am going to give you yellow as a sign.’ Sure enough, yellow was there!” --JG, Massachusetts

“My PsiForm gave me closure and let me know that my friend has found peace.” --MM, Arizona

Turn the power of mind and spirit into art!

The Windbridge Institute, LLC has released amazing new technology that transforms thoughts into beautiful, meaningful art that inspires. Never before offered to the public, this innovative new technology allows you to use the power of your mind and spirit to visualize your intentions or connect with your loved ones who have crossed over.

Only here. Only from the Windbridge Institute, LLC.

PsiForms are art inspired by psi research performed at the Windbridge Institute, LLC.

All sales support research.


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Once your custom PsiForm is created, you can have it enlarged and framed in a wide range of sizes and materials.

What are

PsiForms are custom images created from data collected during your personal Afterlife Connection session or Intention session.

Here's what others are saying about PsiForms...

"The PsiForm had profound meaning for me."

"It was a beautiful experience."

"It’s very exciting to see intention manifested as a creation of artwork in this way."

"This is SOOOOOoooo cool!"
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